Monday, May 22, 2006

Mon ami, Gordon

Heya toute la monde,

Major apolgies for missing the actual date, but know that I was thinking of you, Gordon, on Saturday, while I was walking around in the rain all day in Quebec city, wishing I was anywhere but there! Happy birthday!

I wish I could come for a visit in Tanzania to share a piece of birthday cake, but miss you lots anyway and Mauritius would not have been even close to the same without you...

Make number 27 the best ever, my friend!



Blogger Gordon van den Heever said...

Hey Miss Canada,

Thanx bru. Guess you are enjoying french boot camp though. I know Mauritius wouldn't have been the same without you either.....It was great! Did you stick with eating meat again or did you give it the hind end?

Anyway, are you still coming to Africa. I will only be here I guess or hope for another 12 months though.

Donc, merci beaucoup mon ami....

A Bientot.

1:30 AM  
Blogger Jess said...

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (from the Conan O'Brien Show) once went to Quebec City and made fun of them for speaking French. I hope you are teaching people to swear in English and Mauritian creole!

6:45 AM  

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