Monday, March 06, 2006


Random pics from around here... I have more on my camera that I'll post sometime, but at least you've all been brought up to speed with the images of my life! I'll do a "real" blog soon, I promise!

This is Waldo, one of the cats who lives with us in our apartment.

This is Devon, one of my roommates.

My roommate Alli with her stuffed rabbit RaRa

Peavy, the other cat who lives here

More pics

Pictures from my "friend" James' visit in November...

James playing classical guitar (sigh!)

That's him... (or at least it's half of his face, anyway)

More guitaring

French camp pics

These pics are from the French camp I went to last summer in Moncton, New Brunswick...

This is me being "reserved" (as usual) at an amazing beer-tasting tour in the city. I may have been a little bit drunk at the time... :)

This is after a karioke session at a local bar. That's Gord in the middle of "Gordioke". I snagged a spot right next to him!

Here's what New Brunswick beaches look like... Me and some of my Frenchie friends.

Dave and I carrying our "beer baby". Not that I did any drinking during the camp :)

Pics for you

Hi everyone,
I just realized that I have never posted photos on my blog, so I thought I should give you some visual images of what I've been up to since I left the island...

These first ones are of my friend Nathan's trip to Nova Scotia to visit me this past summer, right after I came back from Mauritius (I blogged about it back in June). My sister also had her friend Phill visiting at the same time, so the four of us had some fun times together... Pictured below is my sister (Katie), me, Nathan, and Phill (all being crazy as you can see).

Me being squashed by Nathan on the beach...Me and my sissy at the beautiful Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia...

In front of the ships at Halifax Harbour