Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Wow! It is soooo time for an update! At least no one else has been doing it, so I don't feel quite so bad.
Still, I do feel bad for neglecting you all for so long. But I've been really bad at keeping up-to-date with everyone I know, so it's not just you guys.
The truth is, I've been totally overloaded with schoolwork since I've been back. I feel like I have to be pretty much reading constantly just to keep up with the required reading. Seriously. And I haven't even had any assignments or anything due yet. I can't wait for that fun to start!
It has been very strange for me to be back at Trent after a year away, I must say. I've had all kinds of crazy adventures with my new housemates already, but I get along well with all of them. It's pretty crazy right now, as there are 6 people living in our four-bedroom place, and three of them have girlfriends who are also over all the time, so needless to say it gets pretty loud and crowded around here often. Not ideal for studying at all; maybe that's why it takes me so long to get any reading done! I think I'm going to be spending a lot of time at the library this year, though I've managed to avoid it so far...
Things should settle down soon though, as two of my roommates are moving out within two weeks, and it will then be back to the original four that it was supposed to be. Good good. And the other good news is that I have been keeping myself relatively happy socially since I've been back, when I'm not studying of course. I've run into lots of old friends, and have made some new ones too. I do miss my road-tripping buddies though, I must say, and my sister, who is leaving for Britain in less than a week. And of course I miss you all, my Mauritius buddies. Much love to all of you.
Lucky for me, I have a week-long reading break from school coming up at the end of October, which will be really nice. And I may have a special visitor coming for some of that, but I won't say much about that on here, except that it should be happy and a lot of fun.
I'm also happy to report that I get an entire month off at Christmastime, seeing as I have NO EXAMS this year! Sweet Hallelujah! Sure, I have to make up for it by doing a billion papers, presentations, projects, etc., but I get to go home so much earlier! That will be so sweet...
So all in all, I don't really feel like I have that much to report... Life is good but pretty boring at this point. Next weekend should be interesting though, as it is THE party weekend of the whole year around here; everyone gets WASTED the whole weekend. It's called Head of the Trent weekend, and it's the weekend of the big rowing rigada at my university (rowing is the biggest sport at my school and this is the weekend of the big race we host). Most people don't care about the rowing though, they pretty much just get drunk. Which is what I plan to do, of course. Should be a good time.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's all the news I have for the moment. I'll try to update again soon, but with my workload I'm not sure that it will happen. But if you don't hear from me, still know that I'm thinking about all of you and that I love and miss you all lots!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hey guys

Hey everybody!
I'm so terribly sorry for not having blogged in a long time... and thanks Nachi, for always getting on my case to do it!
I think in this case I do have a reasonable excuse though... I just moved into my new place last week, and it has been CRAZY since then! I don't want to go into all of the details right now (I am far too exhausted at the moment to give anything but a half-assed version of all that has happened), but just believe me when I say that I have not had any time to write. I've had various people come visit me and at least two people sleeping on the floor of my room every night for the past week... On top of that, I have just managed to get my Internet connection working today, so I've had very little access to email and blogging recently.
Anyway, I promise promise promise to write more as soon as I get some sleep and get my school life in order... I start on Monday! Ahhh! I'm not prepared at all! I don't even have all my stuff unpacked yet, let alone books purchased, etc.
Until then,
love you all.