Saturday, February 12, 2005

I have a Valentine...

I have a boyfriend for Valentine's Day too!
And who's the lucky man....?


.... Gordon!!! *all the ladies scream and faint*

Oh heart, be still!

And now for the good stuff

I feel I’m becoming fatter by the minute.
I prepared my very own Indian delights on Wednesday (potato curry and egg curry, learned previously through the instruction of Nafiz and Nachi), and I was quite pleased with myself. For my first try, I think the results were pretty good, with the notable exception of all the oil that went into it (a necessary evil, I am told). Joel sampled some, and agreed that it was good, so it’s probably not just a case of me deluding myself.
I also finally got the lentils and rice thing almost right. This time I cooked and fried them with garlic, ginger, and onions, Joel’s suggestion. The result was a very strong tasting, but delicious meal. It was still a little too dry though, with the rice, so next time I’m going to make more of an effort to preserve the lentil juice and use that to moisten up the rice. Anyway, the point is that I’m kind of getting into this cooking thing. And further, my house is clean! I’m becoming a regular Martha Stewart, aren’t I?
In other news, I finally got my passport, safe and sound. I was a little worried that I’d miss the DHL delivery guy on Thursday, since I had class for most of the day, but just after I left the house to head to the bus stop, I got a call from the DHL guy on my cell phone, and he was on the same street as I was, trying to find me. We eventually located each other, and the package finally landed in MY HANDS! I was almost fearful of putting the thing in my bag and proceeding to school with it in there, but it was too late to go back and drop it off. Thankfully, nothing happened to it, and it’s now safely tucked in a drawer in my room. To stay, for good. And the other good thing was that they issued me a full five year passport, instead of just a one year one, like I was told initially. That’s super; it means I don’t have to go through the whole process again when I go home (nor the expense of it). This passport alone cost me around $300 CDN. Boo earns!
Everybody has talked about Tuesday, so I won’t dwell on it too much, except to say that I had a very good time hanging out with everybody, with the exception of the very end, of course. I want to write something about my feelings and reactions to social disharmony here, but I think I’ll save it for another time instead…
Wednesday was the Chinese New Year and thus ANOTHER public holiday, and no school for me. I spent the day cleaning, reading, lounging, and cooking. Then Joel came over to hang out and talk with poor alone-in-the-house me, and we ate some of the leftover Indian food as a midnight snack. He spent the night in Dan’s old room, but left before I saw him in the morning.
I really enjoyed yesterday’s literary theory class. Farhad continues to impress me by making lectures so interesting. I had just sat through two and a half tedious hours of European history and I was starving, having missed lunch, but his words still provoked all kinds of new thoughts and ideas in my head. I’m actually looking forward to writing the essay.
Yesterday I also finished reading “Life of Pi” (thanks to the fact that Nafiz left Nachi’s copy of it here when he left). I had heard lots about it before, but I didn’t realize that it was written by a Trent graduate. Yann Martel was a philosophy student in Peterborough once… small world. My university rocks! I’m glad that I read the book here, because thanks to Nachi and Indo-Mauritian culture, I was able to understand a lot more of the Hindu and Indian references made throughout the book than I would have otherwise… In any case, t’was a good read. Now onto Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart” again, for Lit. Theory class.
And that brings me to today. I went to the university for eleven, and before class I went to the Faculty to ask again about my “detailed results” (ie my grades from last semester), since when I went in last week they told me to come back on Wednesday of this week (they were having a “small problem” with their computer). Well, today is Friday, and when I asked about the results, the reply was, “no, they’re not ready yet.” “Okay, so when should I come back?” “Next week.” “When next week?” “Ummm, Wednesday?” “Okay.” Wednesday again.
How much do you want to bet that when I go in next Wednesday, the results still won’t be ready?
You don’t. That’s what I thought.
Muttering in good-humoured frustration, I went to class. But the professor didn’t show up. So, naturally, I had come to the university for nothing on a Friday morning. Oh well.
So now I’m back and Claudia will be moving in within a couple of hours. And then tonight the whole extended group is meeting at “Le Bon Choix” to hang out.
And, I should also mention that the trash guys have finally come, and there is again space in our trash pit, or whatever it’s called. It smells horrid in there now though, like really old, decaying chicken. On the upside, at least I can’t be blamed for that :)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Well now, children...

I originally created this blog only so that I could post comments on Jess's... but now that there are links to it from Timo's and Gordon's pages, I feel like I had better start writing and updating! Good thing I'm about to get a cheaper internet package (and thus more internet time).

So, don't worry your pretty head, Gordon, I'll make a valiant effort to post up from now on!

(but not now, I have to get ready for this "little" get-together tonight.)
See y'all there.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Wow, everyone has blogs now...

I just read Gordon's blog. And I need Timo's blog address...
It's sweet that everyone can stay in touch this way.

I have nothing to say except that my washing machine appears to be malfunctioning again.
Oh brother.

Peace out, y'all.